Zemplee provides a service that benefits all parties involved - families, healthcare providers, and senior care facilities. 


Many families recognize that it is not possible to be physically close to aging loved ones. This distance places a heavy financial and time burden on the caring family. Zemplee monitors the well-being of seniors through the use of smart sensors that monitor activity, risks, and vitals. This information provides remote family members with a higher level of involvement and peace of mind. 


Zemplee allows providers to remotely monitor the health and activity level of their patients. Providers with Medicare patients can benefit from new sources of revenue. Full-risk providers can benefit from an average savings of $8,000 per patient per year. More importantly, patients receive better outcomes.


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need to keep our seniors safe to the forefront . Zemplee allows for proper monitoring with less physical contact inside the facility. Zemplee will also reduce the costs for the facility by optimizing staffing and at the same time the solution arms the facility with a clear advantage as it competes to recruit new residents.

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  • Increased Health Security
  • Improved lifestyle & independence in a protected environment
  • Transparent Care Circle Reporting
  • Lower litigation risks
  • Reduced facility costs
  • Efficient workload distribution
  • Competitive advantage

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