Helping the Elderly in Ukraine

March 25, 2022

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Photo Courtesy of: UNHCR – see story

Zemplee stands with the people of Ukraine. There is a humanitarian crisis currently spreading throughout Ukraine. We are deeply concerned for those affected by the situation, more specifically, the elderly in Ukraine.

The elderly in Ukraine and those with disabilities are unable to leave their homes and seek safety elsewhere. Mercy Corps has stated, “We’re presently concerned about the elderly (making up ⅓ of people in need of assistance) and people with disabilities.”

If you would like to help those affected by the situation in Ukraine, here are a few organizations trying to make a difference. Please join us in our efforts to help the vulnerable elderly.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is currently on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland. They assist local organizations in providing humanitarian needs for their communities. Mercy Corps has plans to offer cash assistance and share information, which includes how to access basic needs, guidance to find safe routes, and legal rights.


CARE has partnered with People in Need to offer aid to innocent families, women and girls, and the elderly in Ukraine who are at higher risk of being affected by the situation. CARE and People in Need are working to deliver emergency supplies such as food, water, hygiene kits, and cash.

Age Concern Ukraine

Galina Poliakova, the 65-year-old director of the charity, has stated, “I will stay because there is much work to do. The situation is bad. It’s really difficult to get to people because of the shelling.” The charity has over 1,500 volunteers, all older than 60. They work towards delivering food, medical supplies, and run a daily phone service for the elderly in Ukraine.

UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee Agency works towards ensuring that those in need have the ability to seek asylum and find a safe place to relocate. They also help provide basic needs such as water, sanitation, healthcare, shelter, blankets, household goods, and occasionally food.

International Medical Corps

The attacks on Ukraine have left 3 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The International Medical Corps strives towards equipping those in Ukraine with healthcare and mental health services. They have been raising money for Ukraine since 2014. This number will only rise as Russia’s occupation continues.


UNICEF assists in providing healthcare, nutrition, safe drinking water, and sanitation. They also offer protection for children and families affected by the conflict in Ukraine. “Heavy weapons fire along the line of contact has already damaged critical water infrastructure and education facilities in recent days,” UNICEF Executive Director Catherine M. Russell said in a Feb. 24 statement. “Unless the fighting subsides, tens of thousands of families could be displaced, dramatically escalating humanitarian needs.”

Many other organizations are working towards providing the people of Ukraine with basic needs. If you would like to view a more extensive list, please visit this link.

Please consider supporting the people of Ukraine as they resist Russia’s unprovoked invasion. We’ve compiled information on ways you can help on our website.

For information or questions on how you can get involved to help or make a difference, don’t hesitate to contact us at www.zemplee.com.

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